Pedestrian Safety

On any day, at any time, when walking, there is an imperative to employ safety practices including sound judgment.  The following are some basic guidelines that should be adhered to any time you are walking. 

  • Avoid walking alone
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Never walk in an isolated area or alley
  • Never walk with head phones on (you need to be able to hear what's around you)
  • Never take a ride with, or walk with, a stranger
  • If a stranger approaches or attempts to get you into a vehicle, scream and run for help (if you are near a school or a business, go inside and ask for help)
  • Parents and students should maintain good communication about pick-up/drop-off times and locations
  • Students should use precautionary measures, even while waiting inside of the school yard, until parents arrive (At Byrd, you are required to be where there is supervision, in an after school program, YS or KYDS, or inside the gym. In addition, students may not leave the school to go to a store or “hang out” in the community and return to school.  When students leave school, they should be on their way home or to a location designated by their parent or guardian.)
  • See Something, Say Something (always report any safety concerns to an adult immediately)




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