Byrd MS Opens a MakerSpace!

Byrd MS is very excited to share that we have been granted a MakerSpace Prototype as part of the Reimagining the Middle Grades project.  Our MakerSpace will be whatever we decide.  Staff and students will have input to determine what centers will be made available.  One definite component of this experiential classroom which will be open during the day for teachers who become part of the project and also after school as part of our after school program will be robotics. 
The room will be outfitted with technology, including a 3-D printer, robotics kits, arts supplies and tools and AV equipment.  In order for students to have access to this room, faculty and staff will have to be willing to share their expertise, talents and artistic passions.  We already have a commitment from KYDS for robotics and possibly video production. 
Dr. Wiltz is asking for you to share your ideas and passions.  What is your vision for making learning fun?  What are you willing to share that may enrich and enliven the middle school learning and growing experience of others?  Only you can answer these questions.  Please email Dr. Wiltz your ideas. Source: LAUSD Board Resolution Middle Grades Resolution
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