Byrd MS Under Construction

As part of our HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) project, several areas will be out of use.  Last year, A-3 moved into A-4 (formerly known as Poly Freshman Center) for the year.  A-3 staff will be returning to their A-3 classrooms and A-1 classes will meet in A-4 this school year.  The classes meeting in A-4 include the 6th grade teachers and students and the magnet classes that regularly meet in A1.  BHA and 6th grade Integration students will meet in their assigned locations in both A2 & A3.
Our Main Office has been relocated as well.  Parents may park in either parking lot but all Main Office functions will take place in the A-4 Main Office, which is located in the Byrd Annex (Formerly the Poly Freshman Center).
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