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Dear Parents/Guardians,
     I am very enthusiastic to have your child in my science class this school year. Science can be a very difficult subject to understand. However, I will present the course topics in many different ways so that your child will want to engage in the subject matter and will want to learn as much as they can about science. Remember, science can be fun! Below are my classroom rules and expectations. Thank you and I look forward to a wonderful year!
     I expect students to be courteous to everyone and take responsibility for their own actions. Below are my classroom rules as well as the consequences that the students will encounter if they fail to comply with my classroom rules.
Classroom Rules:
1. Students are expected to treat everyone with respect.
2. Students will not talk when the teacher is talking. 
3. Students must obtain permission to leave their seat.
4. Homework should be in the homework box before the late bell rings.
5. No food, drinks, or gum inside the classroom. Water is acceptable! 
6. No electronics of any kind (cell phones, mp3 players, video games, etc.) It is against school rules to have cell phones turned on during school hours.  This includes having cell phones on vibrate and silent. If a cell phone is turned on during class, it will be taken away and turned in to the dean for pick-up from a parent. 
7. Three or more tardies may result in a "U" on your report card. 
1. First time student breaks procedure
Student will be given a warning.
2. Second time student breaks procedure
Student will receive detention and/or parents will receive a call.
3. Third time student breaks procedure
Student will be sent to the dean and/or there will be a request for a parent meeting.
Hopefully, I will not have to take further action, but if needed a teacher-parent-counselor-administrator conference can be held to discuss how we can better your child’s behavior in my class.
Grading Scale:
Each assignment will be graded based on this rubric unless stated otherwise.
90-100% = A
80-89% = B
70-79% = C
60-69% = D
0-59% = Fail
Homework will be assigned at least three times a week. If the student is absent when homework or any assignment was assigned, it is the responsibility of the student to ask for the missing homework or assignment. For example, if the student is absent for two days then the day he/she returns from the absence he/she must ask for the assignment and then has two days to turn in their missing work. 
LATE assignments will NOT be accepted (unless it is due to an excused absence)!
-Two composition books with 100 sheets (200 pages)
-colored pens
-colored pencils
-lined paper
-School agenda planner (students are required to fill in their agendas everyday).
Thank you for your support in your child’s education. I look forward to meeting you. If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to email me or call me at school or make an appointment to see me at 818-394-4300. Let’s make this school year an exciting learning experience!
Mrs. Chen