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Byrd Humanities Academy (BHA)
Where College Is Our Goal

Mission Statement:

The Byrd Humanities Academy (BHA) is focused on providing students with opportunities to become responsible and innovative individuals with critical thinking skills that will help them to become 21st century leaders. As humanitarians, they have the obligation to change our world for the better.

What is the BHA?

  • An honors humanities academy 
  • Designed for gifted/honors students or students who have the potential to perform well in a highly challenging environment
  • Standards-based and project-based curriculum   
  • Regular school hours

The BHA Program will:

  • Prepare for high school courses                      
  • Focus on project-based learning
  • Use technology to enhance learning         
  • Increase math skills, comprehension, and vocabulary
  • Bring awareness and create solutions for world and environmental issues
  • Use rigorous academic explorations        
  • Strengthen critical thinking skills
  • Develop problem solving abilities