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Requests for Professional Development

District Information for Travel and Conference Attendance

5-6 Weeks Before Registration


1.  Complete the “Conference Attendance Justification Form” (download at the bottom of this page) and keep a copy for your records – Submit the completed form with relevant information attached to Dr. Wiltz’s mailbox.


2.  The Principal will:

a)    Approve and forward the form to Mr. Yasukochi or

b)   Deny and return the form to Applicant’s mailbox or

c)    Request additional information and return the form to Applicant’s mailbox for resubmission


3.  If approved you may begin to fill out the “Conference Attendance Expense Claim” Form (fill-in PDF linked below) - please plan to meet with Mr. Yasukochi to complete all sections.  If there conference is to be attended by multiple staff members, please send one point person only.


4.  The “Conference Attendance Expense Claim” Form is signed by Dr. Wiltz and sent to ESC North for approval.  This may take up to 3-4 weeks.


5.  After ESC North approves you must fill out a “Request for Class Coverage/All Day Substitute” Form (download below)– please complete the relevant portions and turn in to Elvia as soon as possible.


6.  All attendees must, individually, complete the  “Federal and State Categorical Funded Certification” (download below) – and have the training instructor at the training site sign this form!


7.  After the conference, return the completed “Federal and State Categorical Funded Certification” Form to Elvia for processing.


8.  Be prepared to share what you learned at a Professional Development or Department Meeting, dependent on the type of training received.