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Teacher: Mrs. Eitel
Subject: English
Room: A2-212
Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

Welcome back to school. This year students will continue mastering standards in English Language Arts. I will do everything in my power to make every student successful. In order to that, I need the support of all students and parents.

• Narrative (short stories). We will be reading and writing short stories. We will also learn how to analyze them and write a response to literature essay with the focus on the central idea.
• Exposition/Research. We will be reading nonfiction, researching current events, and summarizing articles.
• Argumentative. We will learn about arguments and writing argumentative essays.

Throughout the year we will continue working on grammar and spelling skills.
Since we will be working the Internet using , students who are new to my class are required to have parents/guardians permission to use the Internet. Please sign the Internet User Policy Agreement. 

• Students have homework every day: read a book or a magazine of your choice for 30 min. every day. Take books from the school library or public libraries. Students will need to submit a reading log every Monday.
• Homework assignments will usually be assigned five days a week, Monday-Friday.
• No late homework is accepted, except for students who missed school due to a legible reason. It is students’ responsibility to ask for the missing homework or assignments on the day they come back.
• Essays should be typed.
• Homework is displayed on the board in class and on

Grading Scale
Test, essays, quizzes=100 points, classwork=20-50 points, homework=10-20points

A = 90-100%
B = 80-89%
C =70-79%
D =60-69%
F =0-59%

• Two pencils sharpened before the class starts
• A pencil sharpener
• An eraser
• A red pen, a yellow highlighter
• Crayons or colored pencils
• A three-ring binder with dividers for each class to keep homework and handouts
• Lined paper
• A USB stick
• A notebook will be provided to you. We will keep it in class.
• An agenda planner will be provided to you. It is student's responsibility to write down homework in the agenda planner.
• A book to read


1. Respect all teachers and students. Be kind and hardworking.
2. Do not interrupt when a person is talking.
3. Obtain permission to leave your seat.
4. Come to class on time (three tardies can result in a “U” on a progress report card).
5. No gum, food, or drinks (except water) are allowed in class.
6. Come into class quietly, sit down at your assigned seat, get ready for class and look at the daily agenda. Start working!
7. All work must be turned in on time (three missing assignments can result in a “U” on a progress report).
8. No personal grooming (mirrors, make-up, combs, etc.) is allowed in class. It is very important that students do not use any cosmetic products such as perfume, cologne, deodorant, cream, lotions, hand sanitizers, etc. at least 30 minutes before coming to my class, during the class, and around my classroom. I have a severe allergy to some chemicals. Thank you for your understanding.

Communication with Parents/Guardians
I am always willing to talk to you via phone or in person, just call and leave a message with the school at 818-394-4300, send a note with your child, or write me an e-mail at , or you can obtain it at

Let’s have a great year!


Mrs. Eitel
English Language Arts Teacher