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Animal Farm by George Orwell - review by Reina

Brooklyn Bridge by Karen Hesse - review by Andrea

Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy by Ally Carter - review by Aracelie

Devoured by by Amanda Marrone - review by Teresa 

Diary of a Young Girl:Anne Frank by Anne Frank - review by Daniel

Lone Wolf by Kathryn Lasky - review by Perla

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Stephanie Meyer
Review / Patricia

Brooklyn Bridge
Karen Hesse
Review/ Andrea

Amanda Marrone
Review / Teresa

Paintball Invasion
Jake Maddox
Review / Evin

Animal Farm
George Orwell
Review / Reina
Cross My Heart &
Hope to Spy
Ally Carter
Review / Aracelie

Suzanne Collins
Review / Jackie F.

The Bridesmaid
Hailey Abbott
Review / Kate

Still Just Grace
Charise Mericle Harper
Review / Elizabeth

Alex Finn
Review / Iridian

Elizabeth Chandler
Review / Jackie S.

Sea of Monsters
Rick Riordan
Review / Caleb

The Red Pyramid
Rick Riordan
Review / Arche

Number the Stars
Lois Lowry
Review / Lydia

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days
Jeff Kinney
Review / Erica

The Witches
Roald Dahl
Review / Nancy

The Hunger Games
Suzanne Collins
Review / Chantal

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days
Jeff Kinney
Review / Maria

Lone Wolf
Kathryn Lasky
Review / Perla

Diary of a Young Girl: Anne Frank
by Anne Frank
Review / Daniel

The Pigman
Paul Zindel
Review / Alison

The Pigman and Me
Paul Zindel
Review / Anonymous