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3 Dimensional Mask Making

One of the upcoming assignments during October will be mask making. This is a 3 dimensional exercise in which students will be creating a mask using their own face as a model, from plaster cloth. Once the mask is completed, each student will decorate their mask with colorful designs, using tempera paint, feathers, gemstones, etc.

Students will create a face mask using the following materials:

Plaster Gauze, Vaseline, Bowl of Water, Plastic Wrap, Tape, Gesso, Scissors, Ribbon, Tempera Paint, Brushes

1. To create face masks, students will work in small groups of 2 or 3.
2. Students will apply Vaseline and 2 pieces of plastic wrap on their face for protection.
3. The plastic wrap will be wrapped with an opening around the nose.
4. Plaster bandages strips will be wet with water.
5. Bandage strips will be applied quickly over the face, leaving openings around the nose.
6. Once the plaster has dried (about 5-10 minutes) the face mask will be removed for painting and decorating.

The California Core Curriculum Standards for the Visual Arts will be addressed through lessons that comply with these standards:
1. Artistic Perception – developing skills in the Visual Arts
2. Creative Expression – communication through original works of art
3. Historical & Cultural context – diversity of the Visual Arts
4. Aesthetic Valuing – deriving meaning, articulating interpretation & context
5. Connections – applying what is learned in the Visual Arts to other subjects