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Magnet High School Information

If you missed the Meet the Magnets HS Night and/or the Unified Enrollment Fair please click here:
Verdugo Hills High School:
Visual and Performing Arts Magnet
STEMM Magnet
Virtual Tour Video:

ArTES Magnet will be hosting 4 different live one-hour Q/A sessions in the next few weeks for interested parents.  The dates and links are as follows:

10/6 (Spanish) --

10/8 (Spanish) --

10/19 (English) --

11/4 (English) --

Kennedy High School
Global Leadership & Environmental Action Magnet (GLEAM):
We focus on the intersection between social justice and global activism. This program hopes to foster a culture of mindfulness and civic responsibility where students recognize that a sustainable future depends on informed and active citizens who can form and implement solutions to global problems. At its heart, GLEAM seeks to inspire and encourage students to impact the world around them as today’s instruments of change not just as tomorrow’s leaders in waiting.
Medical Magnet:
Architecture/Digital Design/Filmmaking:
Chatsworth Charter High School:
Reseda High School
Police Academy Magnet (public service)
Science Magnet (biomedical, engineering, computer science)
Arts, Media, and Entertainment Magnet (film production)