Rules of Behavior Overview

Show Respect
  • Respect yourself, your teacher and other students
  • No name calling, no yelling, no profanity
  • Respect and protect school property
  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself

Dress Code
  • Be in BDC (Byrd Dress Code) at all times
  • No hats, hoods, or slip on shoes

No Electronic Gadgets
  • Cell phones are to turned off & Put away during school hours (phones being used will be confiscated)
  • No I-pods, videogames, or other electronic gadgets

Bicycles and skateboards need to be locked in the racks and may not be ridden on campus.

Be on Time to School and to Class. 

No Food or Gum in Class or on PE Field

Students must have Passes When Out of Class.
  • No passes issued first and last ten minutes of class
  • Students must have a pass to leave lunch area to go to a classroom or to the library.